Best Places to Eat in Montanita

Where to eat or drink in Montañita

What’s good in Montañita? Well, what are you in the mood for? The Ecuadorian town is a collection of varied cuisine and drinks ranging from regional dishes to cultural and international foods. You’ll be spoilt for choice in the town.

Montañita should be your place of choice when you visit Ecuador since the town features exceptional restaurants, decent accommodations, crazy fun bars, affordable booze and a whole lot of beach to surf and laze around.

As every traveler knows, before making any decision on vacation, you need to consider the options available to you. For instance, if you’re looking for the best places to eat in Montañita, you need to factor in things like:

  • Pricing

If you’re frugal, there are joints for you, the extravagant spenders and food explorers as well. The size of your pocket will determine where you eat and drink.

  • Type of food

What are you in the mood for? International, local or regional foods?
With this in mind, you can quickly pick the best places to eat in Montañita.


MORE PLaces to eat Around Montanita

  • Buena Onda

This fabulous little cafe does a few breakfast dishes, excellent smoothies and espresso, and they’re really friendly.  Get stuck into the likes of Del surfista, which is a baguette with boiled egg, onion, Gouda and avo; plus a few sticks of capsicum and spiced mayo on the side, or spoon into some yoghurt with granola and berries!

  • Rastapan

It may be small and may only offer a few seats, but Rastapan will surely get you hooked on their fresh-out-of-the-oven pides. There are toppings like the Argentine fugazzeta, Hawaiano and pepperoni.

  •   Juice bars

Pancakes, omelets, crepes, and fresh juice are an incredible way to start your morning. If this tickles your fancy, the rows of juice bars will grant your wishes at very affordable prices.


  • Food Carts

    For a more relaxed fast food kind of situation, head to the yellow food carts that ferry amazing local cuisine. Ceviche is everywhere around the town as well as other fast local foods that will have you coming back for more.

  • Hola Ola Bar

Hola Ola Bar is one place in town to gravitate to for your fix on loud music, endless booze, late night partying and fire juggling.
During the day it’s a much more somber affair, with people milling about having a quiet lunch or cooling drink. We can definitely vouch for their iced coffee.

  • Casa Fistook Bar

Be it for breakfast or lunch, this is the place to head if you have a penchant for shakshuka or simply want to take a break from local food. Casa Fistook Shakshuka Bar offers 10 kinds of shakshuka, all based on the classic. They’re served up with bread, salad and a drink, and depending which you go for, it should only set you back around $5.

best Places to eat

Ceviche stands

Tiki Limbo

Ezzio’s Pizza

Buena Onda


Casa Fistook Bar

Safari Cafe

Hola Ola Bar

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The town of Montañita can be best described as a small surfing paradise with picturesque beaches and magnificent waves. Although small, it has developed into a quaint seaside resort booming with activities, attracting both international and domestic travellers. The atmosphere makes it a great place to learn Spanish and practice beach yoga. 

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