Places around Montañita

Places around Montañita.

It is impossible to appreciate the coast of Ecuador without Montañita coming to mind. This little bohemian town presents the perfect getaway with various fun activities and perfect scenery to boot. The highlight of partying and surfing, Montañita is located approximately three hours from Guayaquil. The town has earned its place as one of the most famous destinations in Ecuador. Tourists throng the town for its extraordinary surfer scene and electrifying parties.

  • Mini Galapagos: Mini Galapagos is a one-winged island located two hours out of Montañita. The name Mini Galapagos simply means that the island is home to many exotic animals such as the blue-footed booby. As is with most places around Montañita, there are limitless activities to perform in Mini Galapagos. The most common activities include snorkeling, diving and hiking. To leave Mini Galapagos you can go through either Ayangue or Puerto Lopez. You may take advantage of the island’s 3-hour extension to go for a walk. A boat drive from Ecuador’s coast will get you there in just 2 hours.
  • Isla Salango: Isla Salango is located in Manabi Province, just 50 minutes away from Montañita. The nearby village is a mere 10 minutes out and accessible by boat. There are a lot of exciting activities that you can take part in, for instance; bird watching, fishing and hiking. However, snorkeling stands out for most people.
  • Los Frailes:  ILocated in Machalilla National Park is a virgin beach known as Los Frailes. Unlike most beaches along the Pacific, its waters are calm, making it safe and appropriate for children. Machalilla National Park boasts of two beaches. The first beach is where guests can bathe and have fun with their friends and family. This beach is in a broad bay. The fact that the vegetation is behind the beach gives it a park-like feel which is simply breathtaking.
    The second beach is a turtle conservation area. People are not allowed to swim or bathe in this area. A few meters ahead of the beach sits a beautiful island which is exactly where you want to be if you are looking to take amazing photos or simply admire the nature in all its glory. The Machalilla National Park is home to various birds, white corals and lagartigas of different size and color all of which you will definitely see when you visit. There is also a gazebo from where you can see the park and all its beaches.
  • Dos Mangas: Dos Mangas Commune is about 7 km from Montañita, Manglaralto path via two hoses going up the mountain. There depart two paths. One goes to some waterfalls, the other to wells where you can swim. It’s a great and exciting hike to the Dos Mangas waterfall through the jungle-like forest. There are lots of beautiful and special trees, flowers, birds and other animals. In some spots you may see monkeys and even some toucan birds. Make sure to bring some repellent, water and food. 


  • Ayampe: Why else would you go to Montañita if not to surf, party and have fun? Ayampe is just the place considering its excellent surfing conditions? Even though this little town is a mere 30 minutes away from Montañita, get ready to feel like you are travelling to a distant country. Ayampe is far from busy and offers all the peace and tranquility that Montañita lacks. The streets of Ayampe are dusty but contrastingly littered with color in the form of flowers. Buildings are constructed beautifully and the air is filled with scent of Palo Alto. Accommodation is costly compared to other towns but it is in high supply.


Popular destinations near Montañita


Montañita is beautiful but why travel all the way to Ecuador only to stop at Montañita? The Ecuadorian coast is found along the Pacific Ocean which means that there are many exciting things to do and see. Montañita, otherwise referred to as ‘Little Hill’ is just but a taste of what the Ecuadorian coast has to offer. There are many other equally exciting destinations. Montañita has no airport so to get here you must come through Quinto or Guayaquil. Below are some great destinations near Montañita. 


This is Ecuador’s largest city. Unfortunately; Guayaquil does not sit immediately by the ocean. However, the river Guayas does cross through it. This city has an airport which you may arrive at first on the way to Montañita which is 170 km away. It is a great place to start on the Salinas-Manta highway.


This is the first stop from Guayaquil. Salinas is very popular because of its comfortable resorts.


If you love to hike then you must visit Quilotoa. Your five-day hike will begin at Latacunga and end at Quilotoa Lagoon. On your way to the caldera you will sleep and eat through different Andean communities.


This is the second largest city in Ecuador which also serves as the country’s capital city. Quito is the highest capital city in the world, sitting an impressive 2800 meters above sea level. It is home to a World Cultural Heritage Site and the “Mitad Del Mundo” or Middle of the World. Quito is 593 km from Montañita.

Baños de Agua Santa

Like Montañita, Baños is very popular. There are several options of extreme sports you may choose to participate in such as paragliding and rafting. Located 511km from Montañita, this town is a den of adventure. It sits at the foot of the Tungurahua volcano. It is the last big city you will pass through in the Sierra before you reach the jungle which makes it an excellent starting point. You will be dazzled by the city’s waterfalls and hot springs

Cuyabeno Wild Reserve

This wild reserve is the largest of its kind in Ecuador. Cuyabeno Wild Reserve is home to 494 recorded bird species and 228 tree species per hectare. It has numerous lakes and lagoons. Aquatic life is also vibrant in the reserve; turtles, frogs, dolphins, giant otters and at least 450 fish species.


Puyo is located between Baños and the Amazon. It is the biggest of all Amazonian cities. Puyo is the first stop from Baños. For a great Amazonian tour, start in Puyo.


This little town is found in Esmeraldas Province and is quite famous for fishing. It boasts of quiet beaches which are typically not crowded.

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